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Mum's the word

Mum's the word

Q. My mum was thrilled when we got engaged but she's been stressing ever since about what to wear for our wedding. She's most comfortable in casual clothes and hasn't a clue about formal wear – can you help?

A. Steve Taylor says: Steve says: Buying an outfit as a mother-of-the-bride or -groom can be daunting. The pressure of being seen by everyone and getting the colours right can make choosing the ideal style even more vital. Above all it's important for your mum to think about comfort and how she'll feel in her outfit, after all she'll be in it for quite a while. She may not want to wear a jacket for the whole day either, so make sure the dress looks great on its own.

There's a whole range of options and one of my top tips is, don't judge styles on the hanger, you have to be open to trying things on. Some people assume the classic dress and bolero combo might make them look frumpy, but think again! Designers like Linea Raffaelli are taking this look to the next level with great fabrics and touches to give the classic look a modern twist.

As temperatures start to rise, sometimes a jacket isn't required, especially if the wedding's at a more unconventional venue. Going for a less formal but striking look is a great idea, with the added bonus that you can wear the dress again on holiday or to a party. The '50s-style A-line dress is a popular choice for weddings currently and can complement most body shapes

Steve Taylor

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