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Cake creations

Cake creations

Q. We're great cake lovers and want a showstopper for our wedding that's right on trend. What would you suggest?

A. Helen Jalim says: Helen says: Large three- or four-tier cakes are still the most popular choice, however if you're having a more intimate wedding, two tiers can look just as fabulous dressed using a mix of beautiful sugar flowers and natural dried ones to add height. Other key trends include:

- Pretty florals using stunning dried, edible and handmade sugar flowers are very popular. I absolutely love creating sugar flowers as they are the perfect addition to a beautiful cake. Team them with a little pampas or dried bunny tail grass for a stunning design that your guests will be swooning over.

- Decorative details such as marbling with metallics and different textures like ruffles are also a big talking point and will make your cake stand out. Alternatively opt for a clean simple style using pretty green foliage for a minimalist look. Semi naked and buttercream creations remain popular and are great for a beautiful rustic theme.

- Bold colours can look dramatic and create a real talking point. Black is incredibly striking dressed with the right flowers and you'll certainly wow your guests with deep rich hues teamed with stunning florals.

- Display your wedding cake perfectly on a pedestal cake stand, raising it up high for all to see. Make it a real focal point by creating a whole table with matching mini cakes and beautifully iced biscuits for all your guests to enjoy.

Helen Jalim,Helen Jane Cake Design


Great cake expectations

Great cake expectations

Q. We love cake but can't agree on what to have for our wedding because there's so much choice. Any ideas to help us decide?

A. Alexandra Bishop says: Alexandra says: Despite being one of the oldest wedding traditions, cakes for the big day have changed dramatically over the years and continue to evolve. Trends vary from year to year, which is exciting for us. Every couple has their own concept and ideas and we have the honour of bringing them to life. Here are a few of the trends currently causing a stir to help inspire you.

- Rather than a traditional tiered creation, there's a move towards having a range of sweet treats instead. We've been creating towers of brownies, doughnuts and even individual cheesecakes. This is a fantastic way of making the cake more accessible to guests, as they can help themselves, with no waiting for the cake to be cut. Plus, who doesn't want to be dancing the night away, doughnut in hand!

- Naked cakes remain popular and I reckon they're here to stay, along with buttercream designs. Many people are looking for alternatives to the usual icings and are choosing softer gooier options. Influenced by dwindling love for traditional fruitcake, couples want their guests to be really excited to eat their cake. Decorations have become lighter too, with the use of fresh ingredients proving increasingly popular. I mean who doesn't want to eat a cake covered in delicious fresh berries! To add to the more relaxed look, fresh flowers, rather than sugar ones, are a popular choice. This is a great way for couples to tie in other elements by incorporating blooms used for the wedding flowers.

- Dramatic illusion cakes are a hot trend for next year and beyond. Made to look as though they're floating, or with clear boxes used to separate the tiers, they're a real statement piece and fantastic talking point. It's also a great way to add height, without the need for too much cake. We have some fantastic new designs in mind using these techniques and can't wait to showcase them in the coming months.

Alexandra Bishop,The Pastry Corner


All in the detail

All in the detail

Q. We're both great cake lovers and want a real showstopper to complement our seasonal wedding theme. Any ideas?

A. Alice Gates says: Alice says: Rather than opting for bright white or pale ivory, consider darker ivory, rich caramel and more decadent taupe colours which are warmer, in-keeping with an autumnal look.
For me, it's not just about making the cake look beautiful, it's also about the presentation and setting when it's on show at the venue. Whether it's bringing the outdoors in, using a variety of woodland foliage around the cake, a crisp layer of delicate orange leaves and pine cones or simply using a gold-toned stand to enhance the warmth in the colour palette; these small details can really make a big difference to the overall impact of your cake.

Alice Gates


Sweet greens

Sweet greens

Q. We're massive cake lovers and want a real showstopper for our big day that not only tastes delicious, but has eco-credentials too. Can we have our cake and eat it?

A. Lucie Rumsby says: Choosing a vegan option for your wedding cake is a kinder, greener choice and a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your day. What's more they taste great and most people can't tell the difference, so it's a win, win. Instead of animal-derived ingredients, I use natural plant-based alternatives as a more environmentally-friendly option for my vegan wedding cakes. Other smaller things that make a difference include wrapping samples with compostable cellulose, using recycled cake boxes, printing marketing and business cards on recycled card using vegetable inks as well as eco-friendly cleaning products which can be refilled to avoid plastic packaging.

Lucie Rumsby