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Wedding know-how

Wedding know-how

Q. We're recently engaged and have only just started on the wedding planning. We've been researching venues online but most of the ones we really like have been out of our price range. How can we have our dream wedding without breaking the bank?

A. Frankie Murphy says: The first thing to consider is your priorities. Is it more important to you where you get married or when you get married? If you have a dream venue that you really like the look of, but you're worried you can't afford it, check if it offers a more favourably-priced option outside of the peak summer season, as we do at The Italian Villa at Compton Acres. It's also worth enquiring about great-value packages which include the catering as this is usually less expensive than paying for venue hire and catering separately.

Consider your guest list carefully, wedding packages will probably have a clear minimum number of guests you need to cater for, even though the venue may be able to cater for many more. Don't forget that you can invite a select number of family and friends to your whole wedding day and have more join you for the evening party.

It's worth considering the style of your venue and what they offer in terms of décor that's already included as this can save you a tidy sum overall on extra decorative touches. Think about the location too. Does it have free parking? Is it easy to access with local transport links nearby? This can help save money on transporting guests and the wedding party to and from.

There are always ways to have the wedding of your dreams. The best thing you can do is to compile a list and get in touch with the venue to see how they can help you achieve as many items on your wish list as possible.

Frankie Murphy

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