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It's A Bling Thing

It's A Bling Thing

Q. What advice can you share when it comes to creating bespoke wedding jewellery?

A. Charlotte Cornelius says: Know your style, as the pieces will be with you for a long time! Do you want a sleek contemporary look, something more romantic and traditional or an art deco style – there are many design styles available. Consider your precious metal as you can have white and yellow gold in the same carat weight, while platinum has always been considered the purest of metals and rose gold has made a big comeback.

Next, think about the carat size in mind for your gemstones. You may want the most dazzling or clearest possible diamond despite the carat count. Buy a diamond just shy of desirable half and whole-carat weights to save money. Ensure you get measured correctly, as you don't want a ring too tight or large, as you'll risk losing it.

Consider how your engagement ring and wedding band will look together, especially if you've opted for an unusual engagement ring. Most of us will have a budget in mind for our rings, but remember it will be a forever purchase. Sometimes it's worth going a little further to achieve the rings of your dreams.

Charlotte Cornelius, Charlotte Cornelius




Q. We're trying to keep our wedding as eco-friendly as possible, but I'm struggling with what to look for in jewellery. Have you got any ideas?

A. Harriet France says: So much of your big day is single-use items, but there's one thing you'll carry with you for the rest of your life – your wedding ring.

For those who want to be conscious of their environmental impact, a ring made out of recycled gold and diamonds is the best way to enjoy a wedding band. At Jeremy France Jewellers, we can melt down your family gold in our on-site workshop and remodel it into your desired modern design. We can also set any family stones into the ring if you want that extra sparkle; this can be a lovely way to commemorate family heritage and remember loved ones who can't be there on the day. If you don't have family gold, we can supply the amount required from our pre-owned stock. We also work with British manufacturers who use a high percentage of refined recycled gold in their wedding bands if you prefer something new.

All these options can help to reduce your carbon footprint while ensuring you don't compromise for your big day.

Harriet France, Jeremy France Jewellers


Accessorise and shine

Accessorise and shine

Q. We're trying to keep our wedding as eco-friendly as possible, but I'm struggling with what to look for in jewellery. What advice can you share with us?

A. Charlotte Cornelius says: Talking to your jeweller will help you understand the team's ethos and sustainability credentials. Knowing if the pieces are being designed and handmade locally or in Britain is one of the best ways of ensure you'll receive quality items made using proper skills, training, fair conditions and pay for workers.

Check with your supplier where the diamonds are sourced. Established jewellers are more likely to know their dealers personally, have a trusted relationship and sign to the Kimberley Process to ensure all diamonds are conflict-free. Gems such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies can be ethically sourced by companies that offer traceable and Fairtrade precious stones.

Think about the environmental impact of gold, silver and platinum as mining can take its toll on the environment. Ask for recycled gold which has been freshly smelted and processed, so it's equal in quality. Our workshop can now guarantee that all of our silver, gold and platinum are fully recycled, and we recently became licensed to provide Fairtrade gold.

The stones and metal from inherited jewellery can be redesigned into your rings, which is one of our specialities. It's the ultimate enduring love for you and our precious environment.

Charlotte Cornelius, Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery