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Cutting a dash

Cutting a dash

Q. My other half has set his heart on a tweed three-piece suit for our rustic, country wedding in May but I'm worried it might get too hot and uncomfortable. How practical is tweed for the warmer months?  

A. Natalie Bird says: Natalie says: The unpredictability of the Great British weather may make you think that it's time to compromise on the vision of a three-piece tweed suit. It may be tempting to abandon the idea for a lighter weight fabric, because you feel it will perform better and be more comfortable in springtime, especially as the weather forecasts start to become more optimistic in May. However, many people mistake the nature of tweed as a thick, weighty winter fabric. The popular myth is that it's only really good for layering an outfit, adding warmth and weight. In fact, as a natural woollen fabric, it's great all year round and is not as heavy as it looks and feels. Tweed earned its legacy as a wardrobe staple because it's versatile and looks smart, even with the jacket off.  What's more, a three-piece tweed suit is made with durability and longevity in mind, so it will wear handsomely on the big day and long after.  

Natalie Bird, Hectors