FAQs and expert advice about wedding & engagement rings

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Q. We're looking for the perfect wedding rings; what advice can you share with us?

A. Olivia Brown says: To ensure you receive the perfect rings, have an expert jeweller make the pieces for you. That way, you'll receive something unique with the perfect design and fit.

Sometimes when couples come to see me about having their rings made, they know exactly what they want. But more often than not, they need help discovering the options available.

The fact that you'll wear these rings for the rest of your life can add a bit of pressure to the process. That's why we're here to share advice regarding the metal, purity, shape, width, size and finish.

When creating the perfect rings, consider the metal and design of your engagement ring as well as your personal taste. A good jeweller can advise on practical aspects such as durability and comfort.

Commissioning bespoke rings means you're guided through your decisions by an expert who knows this field like the back of their hand. That means the process will be stress-free and utterly enjoyable. After all, there's no jewellery more meaningful than the rings you give to one another as a symbol of your life-long partnership.

Olivia Brown, Olivia Brown Jewellery


Jewel of the aisle

Jewel of the aisle

Q. We're trying to keep our wedding as eco-friendly as possible; what advice can you share with us?

A. Charlotte Cornelius says: When choosing diamonds and gemstones, it's important to enquire about the traceability of the precious stones you're interested in. Check that the pieces are ethically sourced and that the suppliers follow the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for all diamonds to ensure they're conflict-free.

We have a continued commitment towards ethical and responsibly sourced materials as well as the people who mine them – particular female artisanal miners in Tanzania. It's important to empower women miners to work safely, mine better, improve financial security and create stable equitable markets for fair trade.

Buying Fairtrade Gold jewellery means you're supporting small-scale miners to receive a fair deal for their hard work, protecting the environment and making life better for communities.

Charlotte Cornelius, Charlotte Cornelius Bespoke