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Wedding News: 20 things to get us through January according to Brits

20 things to get us through January according to Brits

With Christmas over, and the most depressing month of the year in full swing researchers asked Brits to vote for the things which we love about the colder months, with snuggling up with a blanket the top choice! The research, conducted by luxury ski resorts Club Med, also revealed a Sunday roast helps us get through the chilliest days, as over a quarter (27 per cent) love the smell of a roast dinner wafting through the house.


Wedding News: The best alcohol-free drinks to serve at weddings?

The best alcohol-free drinks to serve at weddings?

Discover the delightful range of award-winning non-alcoholic beverages from Mocktails which will make the perfect accompaniment to alcohol-free weddings and hen/stag dos! The ready-to-drink beverages are perfect for those looking to embrace the benefits of alcohol-free without compromising on flavour. Mocktails offer a delectable collection of flavours, each carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, spices, and botanicals sourced from around the world. Mixology-inspired and uniquely crafted, drinks include Mockarita, Sansgria, Mockscow Mule, Mockapolitan and Espress0% Martini. Mocktails' beverages are made with real fruit juices, exotic and natural flavours, and pure cane sugar.


Wedding News: 1 in 7 couples buy wedding insurance at short notice

1 in 7 couples buy wedding insurance at short notice

Christmas and New Year is the most popular time to get engaged* but research from wedding insurance specialist,, reveals that couples might not be financially protecting all their purchases. One in seven (16%)** couples buy wedding insurance within 100 days of their wedding, according to, leaving them potentially missing out on protection if they have already started putting down deposits and making payments. Wedding insurance often only covers items booked and bought after it is purchased, so it is important to buy it as soon as possible and before any big bookings or purchases are made, as depending on your insurer, they may not be included.


Wedding News: Sustainable wedding wrapping paper from Curlicue

Sustainable wedding wrapping paper from Curlicue

Curlicue, a British-made, female-founded company, has a delightful range of love-themed gift wrap - perfect for wedding gifting or Valentine's Day! All wrap is on 100% FSC-certified recycled and recyclable paper, plastic-free, and made with vegetable-based ink. The company uses a waterless and chemical-free printing process to be kinder to the environment, and use a UK printer for its paper to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible - from making to shipping its plastic-free!


Wedding News: Wedding gifting etiquette - your guide from the experts

Wedding gifting etiquette - your guide from the experts

When it comes to wedding planning, there is so much to think about, the same goes for wedding gift lists! That's why we are here to help with your guide to wedding gift list etiquette! We have spoken to The Wedding Shop, the UK's leading gift list provider to bring you everything you need to know about wedding registries. In short, we advise adding 2-3 gifts per wedding guest invited. Adding a variety of gifts to your wedding list caters to the differing budgets and preferences of your guests. It's a thoughtful approach to include a wide range of items, from smaller, more affordable pieces to a few higher-end gifts. The key is balance and variety. Typically, having slightly more gifts than the number of guests or households invited allows for enough choice without overwhelming your guests.


Wedding News: Big-day gifting ideas from Yvonne Ellen

Big-day gifting ideas from Yvonne Ellen

With careful eyes on tight-budgets, it's easy to forget the charm of gift-giving but with careful planning and your eye in the right place you can still find wedding gifts for loved ones. Based in London, Yvonne Ellen is an independent British home and lifestyle brand specialising in home and giftware that is quirky yet timeless. Bringing her passion for home design to life in 2017, award-winning designer Yvonne Ellen hand paints her illustrations on a wide range of fine china home and lifestyle products that's inspired by her love of travelling, fashion and London, bringing a colourful and bold statement either on its own or as part of an eclectic assortment of goodies.


Wedding News: 2024's biggest gifting wedding trends revealed with The Wedding Shop

2024's biggest gifting wedding trends revealed with The Wedding Shop

Gifting Guru, Liza Baucher from The Wedding Shop, reveals the 2024 wedding gifting trends that are set to be huge next year. According to The Wedding Shop's recent gifting survey, 99% of wedding guests will still give a gift in 2024 and the average price of a gift is higher. Which means, despite the cost of living - people are still spending more on wedding gifts. Liza adds, "In an era of rising costs, it's inspiring to see wedding guests prioritise the joy of giving. The significance of being part of someone's special day hasn't diminished, in fact it has grown stronger!


Wedding News: Launch of SpeechyAI - a new wedding speech writing tool

Launch of SpeechyAI - a new wedding speech writing tool

SpeechyAI, the first (genuinely decent) wedding speech writing tool has launched, giving you plenty of help and inspiration for planning your big-day speech whether you're the bride, groom, bestman or any member of the bridal party that's volunteered or this all-important role. Heidi, the founder of Speechy (the wedding speech ghostwriting team who were featured on The Drew Barrymore Show & The New York Times), has spent the last nine months working with an innovation company and, using Speechy's speechwriting techniques and tips, has developed something they're now proud to launch. As writers themselves, the team were very sceptical that AI would ever be able to produce a witty, coherent, and original speech, but through extensive testing we realised the AI, despite ongoing rumours to the contrary, can be very funny. Heidi adds, "So, with our 'secret Speechy recipe' we've now developed SpeechyAI and we hope the speeches created will surprise the majority of people who are still sceptical about AI's ability!"


Wedding News: Get an extra night’s sleep with Young’s rooms this January

Get an extra night’s sleep with Young’s rooms this January

Two nights are always better than one, and with 1,000 nights to giveaway, cosy up in the comfort of the pub with Young's Rooms this winter. To redeem, simply book your two-night stay online between 3rd January – 15th February 2024 (for stays up to 29th February 2024) and use the code ONEMORESLEEP to receive 50% off your booking.Whether you fancy a city break in the capital, a getaway in the glorious British countryside or a seaside escape, make your stay count with 42 pubs with rooms in London and in the South of England to choose from. Ranging from snug stays for solo travellers to family bedrooms and one-of-a-kind feature rooms, complete with plush furnishings, uber-comfy Hypnos beds and Bramley toiletries, there is no better place to unwind than the cosy surrounds of the great British pub this winter.


Wedding News: Tips for keeping your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

Tips for keeping your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

As 2024 approaches, many of our thoughts will turn to self-improvement and how we make the New Year as successful, satisfying, and productive as possible. Whether it's improving our health, focusing on professional advancement, learning a new skill, or exploring something totally unique, we typically create our list of goals during this time of year. To help ensure that 2024 is the year that your resolutions are kept, Toastmasters International offers these 8 tips that will help you to achieve your goals. Be realistic. Having lofty goals is commendable, however, it's important to make sure they are realistic, or you may end up feeling frustrated that they are too difficult to achieve.


Wedding News: Intimate Weddings are in for 2024: Venue expert offers tips

Intimate Weddings are in for 2024: Venue expert offers tips

Micro weddings are on the rise, with a 100% increase in searches for 'intimate wedding venues' recorded in the past 12 months alone worldwide. In the UK specifically, searches for 'micro wedding venues near me' have risen by 100% in the past two years, and searches for 'intimate wedding venues UK' by 50% in the past 12 months. Forced small gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have clearly rubbed off as scaled-back nuptials have stuck around, offering couples the opportunity to be in the moment, create memories with their closest loved ones, and eliminate the feeling for couples that they may need to gain approval from or impress guests on their big day.


Wedding News: Blossoming love on a budget - top tips from YouFloria

Blossoming love on a budget - top tips from YouFloria

Wedding albums can be a garden of memories with the enchanting presence of flowers seen in every snapshot. Flowers can play an integral part of a wedding narrative, adding a tapestry of texture and colour into photos, bringing out personality and creating an overall feel to a wedding. From bouquets to table centres, pew ends and buttonholes, flowers are incorporated into every wedding memory... Creating your own wedding floral displays and bouquets can be an easy way to cut the cost, and the perfect way to make your wedding a little more personal - also, super fun and easy to do! You don't have to have a good track record of keeping house plants alive to be able to throw together a show-worthy, eye-catching floral masterpiece, no matter how big or small.


Wedding News: 5 ways to make your bridesmaids feel special

5 ways to make your bridesmaids feel special

On average, it costs a bridesmaid around £408 to have the privilege to stand by their dearest friend as they tie the knot. In fact, from organising a memorable hen to booking accommodation and buying the right accessories for their dress, the expenses can slowly creep up. But even if the role comes with pressing responsibilities, the reality is that bridesmaids are more than delighted to support you during the preparations and celebrations. As the bride, it's only right to thank your bride tribe for all their dedication, as they are likely to have been through all your highs and lows.


Wedding News: Hotel du Vin Poole completed a full refurbishment

Hotel du Vin Poole completed a full refurbishment

In April 2023, the four-star boutique Hotel du Vin Poole fully refurbished its guest bedrooms, suites and bathrooms to refresh the décor with nautical nods that ooze quiet luxury and sophistication. Originally built in 1776, the refurbishment blends original features with signature Hotel du Vin panache. The 38 rooms found within this impressive Georgian-style building include the addition of a bold colour scheme blending statement orange hues with relaxing blue, teal and grey tones that speak to the hotel's seaside location in a modern way. The newly updated décor embraces texture and warmth while taking inspiration from Poole's maritime heritage and its popularity as a seaside holiday resort. Many rooms feature whimsical beach hut print wallpaper, with artwork plus accessories featuring seagulls, shellfish and nautical motifs informed by the area's culture.


Wedding News: The groom's guide to wedding planning

The groom's guide to wedding planning

Matthew Shaw is founder and creative director at sauveur. a renowned event planning and management company based in London. Here, Matthew shares his groom's guide to wedding planning...

More often than not, the bulk of wedding planning lands up being the work of the bride with the groom being delegated select tasks but, wedding planning should be the work of a team and there may also be two grooms involved in the planning. Today's grooms are often much more involved with all aspects of the planning, something we very much encourage!


Wedding News: Giftlist predictions for 2024

Giftlist predictions for 2024

As 2023 is drawing to a close, wedding gift list company Prezola, has pulled together their best-selling wedding gifts of 2023, whilst looking at predictions for 2024. Despite being in a cost-of-living crisis, it appears people are getting MORE generous when it comes to weddings. In a recent survey*, 99% of guests confirmed they would give a wedding gift, with 93% saying they find having a list to choose from helpful. Experiences continue to be front of mind for the adventurous Prezola couple, but they are also combining this with big home upgrades, including coffee machines, pizza ovens and more. The likes of Airbnb, Mr & Mrs Smith and are extremely popular, alongside honeymoon funds, with 59% of guests giving cash for honeymoons and 39% of them donating towards a honeymoon through a fund like Prezola.


Wedding News: Christmas gifts for the bride to be

Christmas gifts for the bride to be

The Christmas countdown is on – and if this isn't the only big day on the horizon, it's the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops If you're got a friend, sister or loved one who's about to celebrate their last Christmas as a Miss, mark it in style with a thoughtful and stylish gift from Team Hen. Responsible for giving hen parties across the world a serious glow-up, Team Hen is the ultimate go-to destination for fabulous accessories that are modern hen party goals. Forget the tacky L-plates or garish flashing tiaras, Team Hen is doing things differently – and in style. From fun festive goodies to super-stylish accessories, Team Hen has got all of your nearly-wed Christmas gifting sorted this year. The bride is going to love you for it!


Wedding News: Unwrap the magic of Willy Wonka with Haute Dolci

Unwrap the magic of Willy Wonka with Haute Dolci

This Christmas, Haute Dolci introduces their delicious Belgian milk chocolate Dolci Bar, that's not just a delectable sweet treat but also a golden opportunity! Inspired by the whimsical world of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and timed perfectly with the release of the much-anticipated WONKA film, Haute Dolci is excited to bring the enchantment of golden tickets to life...Recreating the magic of this Roald Dahl children's classic, each Dolci Bar comes with the exciting opportunity of discovering a Golden Ticket concealed inside and winning one of their fantastic prizes. Not every customer will discover one, but those who do will be in for a delightful surprise. Prizes range from free teasers of Dolci's finest creations to tickle your taste buds, a free drink to quench your thirst, a free dessert from their exquisite range, to charms which will give you from anything from 5% - 40% discount off purchases for an entire year, or the ultimate exclusive key, which will grant a year of free desserts.


Wedding News: Expert reveals her ultimate tips on how to have a hen party on a budget

Expert reveals her ultimate tips on how to have a hen party on a budget

Getting married is an exciting time in your life, however, sometimes it can cost a small fortune. You might even be feeling the guilt of your loved ones having to fund their attendance to your events, during a cost of living crisis. Life insurance broker, Reassured polled 1,500 people to reveal the costs behind attending a hen party. To be exact, you'll be out of pocket by £979 for attending the hen party. From a boozy weekend staycation in a local city or jetting off to somewhere sunnier, the costs clearly build up more than you first imagined. However, some brides seem to have no regrets with over two-thirds (68%) being glad to have had a hen party, with 65% having high expectations and expecting their bridesmaid to organise the party for them as a surprise!


Wedding News: FANCI fine jewellery’s new boutique  is now open

FANCI fine jewellery’s new boutique is now open

Relocating from London Road, FANCI Fine Jewellery's new boutique is now open in Ocean Village. It features an on-site workshop for customers to see their commissions in the making. Upon arrival, visitors are invited to a free design appointment, with a complimentary glass of English sparkling wine, while enjoying the fabulous view of Ocean Village Marina. The official opening saw plenty of local business owners and jewellery lovers in attendance. Greeted with English sparkling wine from a Hampshire vineyard, hors d'oeuvre and live music, the warm atmosphere wasn't dampened by the odd shower, which cleared just in time for Southampton's Lord Mayor to cut the ribbon and announce FANCI officially open.


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