Hampshire artist to capture your nearest and dearest

painting of a couple looking at fireworks How's this for a novel idea? An artist at your wedding to capture you and your nearest and dearest in timeless artwork. Not only great for adding an extra touch of live action theatre to your day, but also a great keepsake too!Hampshire-based Lucy McLoughlin is one of the few live event artists in the UK; drawing on 20 years experience she creates beautiful portraits in real-time. "I love to paint live to truly capture the style, spirit and energy of a wedding. In a digital world where everything is virtual and everyone has seen it all, my mission is to provide unforgettable experiences and artwork that people will treasure forever."

As each painting is finished, it's signed and dated then mounted with card and displayed in a pop-up gallery at the wedding venue. As the gallery grows during the reception, it creates a great focal point, helping guests to break the ice. More than a memento, the all-important people in your wedding party can receive their own one-of-kind portraits as wedding favours. Lucy's style of painting is inspired by fashion illustrations so it's more about the body and clothing – capturing an impression. " I take photographs so no one has to pose, then I paint live to respond to the moment. I can paint up to 20 guests on the day and more afterwards in my studio using the photos I took," Lucy explains.

To find out more visit www.liveeventartist.co.uk

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