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All about the dress

All about the dress

Q. My mum's looking forward to our wedding but is already panicking about what to wear. What advice can you give her on what to look out for in the year ahead.

A. Steve Taylor says: 2019 sees lilac as the on-trend colour but it's not a shade everyone can wear so be open in your choice and try to co-ordinate with the wedding theme, if there is one.

I'm finding our mothers-of-the bride and -groom still want a formal look for the ceremony and a great dress to feel comfortable in for the rest of the day without the restrictions of a jacket. So when I say, 'It's all about the dress', it certainly is.

Of course, there's always the option of a stand-alone dress and this is often the choice for marquee or beach weddings. But no matter what the venue, make sure there's some detailing to allow it to look good on its own without a jacket. If you prefer sleeves then there are chic net or lace options that won't make you look frumpy.

My advice for the new season is to be adventurous. Be open to trying on styles and colours that take you out of your comfort zone. The times I've heard mums in the boutique say 'I love my new outfit and it's something I'd never have chosen myself' certainly backs this up.

Steve Taylor


The finishing touch

The finishing touch

Q. We're getting married next autumn. What kind of hairpiece can I wear to go with our seasonal theme?

A. Jo Barnes says: A beautiful floral and leaf one would work wonderfully for an autumn bride. Opt for a design in golden hues to go with the beautiful rustic autumnal colours. We have a number of headpieces that would be perfect for the look you're after. Our top picks are:

- Primrose headband, created with golden shadow crystals and peach freshwater pearls.

- Fluer, gold leaves and flowers with golden shadow crystals delicately wired into a vine that trails around the head.

- Ginny, an elegant hair comb created with gold flowers and peach freshwater pearls.

Jo Barnes


Mum’s the word

Mum’s the word

Q. We're having an outdoor service and a marquee reception in the grounds of a country estate for our summer wedding. My mum is quite short and isn't used to dressing for special occasions so she wants me to help her choose her outfit. Where should we start?

A. Perri Ashby says: This is a typical situation, people usually come to see me by recommendation because they know that solving these kind of problems is my forte. The timings and order of the day are very important – will there be much walking involved, from the ceremony to the reception for example and dancing later. In this case, we'd certainly begin by discussing the shoes, heel height and style. The time of year is also vital and even in the summer, some sort of jacket or cover-up is usually needed. As your mum's short I'd recommend wearing a tilted hat to add height. Many women like to cover their upper arms, knees, or something they're not happy with. I always reassure them as to the cut of the style to detract from any areas they're conscious of and to complement their best assets. As mother-of-the-bride, choice of colour is also very important. It needs to not only suit her, but tie in with the theme of the wedding too. We have hundreds of swatches to choose from. This season's popular shades range from shell pink through to blush, with bright pink always number one for the wow factor.

Perri Ashby

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