Get the royal glow

Get the royal glow: Image 1 With the Wedding of the year nearly upon us, James Harknett, Fake Bake's Global Creative Consultant shares his expert tips on how brides to be can perfect their faux glow for the big day, good enough for the royal seal of approval from Meghan.

Tips for a Pro Glow

1. Decide on the application. A professional tan application is highly recommended for the big day. Start by looking for a recommendation and trial 2 sprays before deciding on your final application. At Fake Bake, we recently created the new Flawless Glow for professionals to use on clients, ideal for brides as it gives a warm subtle glow.

2. The consultation. When meeting your tanning therapist, it's useful to show them a picture of your dress, this helps to give the tanner an idea of how much skin you will be showing, its also useful to explain the finished look you are going for the big day. Start with a lighter coat first, one coat can give a natural glow of radiance, perfect for a subtle glow that's not too obvious, its also a good idea to have your make up trial a day or so after the tan so the MUA can have the tanned base to work with.

3. Gauge the colour daily in the mirror and take pictures of the tan in daylight to see how the colour appears on the skin day to day. Most brides apply their tan 48 hours before the wedding, this gives the colour time to settle and look its most natural. Have the makeup trial during this time too, a warm dusting of tan to the face is a perfect base for your wedding make up.

4. Problem areas. Ensure you keep your feet and hands dry after application. These areas are on show at all times and need to look flawless. Make sure your therapist has applied barrier cream to the hands, wrists, ankles and feet. This will stop the tan from going too dark and helps the colour fade naturally to the hands and feet.

Tanning at home

1. If you are a tanning pro and feel confident to DIY, I recommend using a gradual tanner. Our award winning Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum, £29.95 is a gorgeous at home product. Application is smooth and easy and is perfect for a princess worthy tan. If not Fake Bake Fair, £24.95 is a beautiful build up tan and after applying 2 evenings in a row, the colour looks warm and natural.

2. Skin preparation is key for the perfect faux glow. Any waxing should be completed 48 hours before the tan, also exfoliate gently on the morning of the treatment to rid of dry skin. Lightweight scrubs leave the skin smooth and rejuvenated, as well as a clear canvas for the tan to cling to. Avoid any oil-based products on the skin during the days leading up to the tan as they can leave a residue on the skin that patches the tan.

3. When applying a gradual tan, always apply to clean exfoliated skin. Give yourself time and space and always wash your hands inbetween sections of the body to avoid staining. Ensure coverage is even and relax in loose dark clothing after application to avoid staining.

4. Up keep of your wedding tan is crucial. Avoid hot baths and stick to warm showers, hot water can be killer for fake tan. Moisturise generously every day and avoid the pool and strenuous exercise that can cause heavy perspiration. If you need to work out, sprinkle a generous layer of talc into your sports bra and work out clothes, this helps give slip and movement which helps to avoid the sweat from peeling your tan away.

5. On the big day, give the tan a smooth gleam by applying Fake Bakes Oil Free Moisturiser, £10. This leaves skin hydrated, supple and super nourished. If it's a warm day, ask your MUA to dust a mineral powder or talc around the top of the dress and underarms, this will ensure your tan doesn't rub away.

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